Thursday, November 10, 2016

Finally, A Website!

My pal Greg Pro was kind enough to set up a website for me,thanks buddy! I love how easy it is to update the blog, but this new site puts everything in easy reach. I also got permission to post some of my Disney Imagineering concept work (my day to day stuff) hopefully I can continue to add to that. Anyway, please visit when you can. WWW.CHRISTURNERART.COM


CVB said...

This is great news!

I like the look of the website, and the way it's organized.

Now you need to attend some conventions and sell some books featuring your art.

Does this mean you'll be leaving BLOGSPOT?.... I hope not....

Chris Turner said...

No, I'll continue to post on the blog since it's so easy. I think I'll be adding to the website only occasionally. Thanks for visiting so often my friend!