Thursday, December 5, 2013


Last night's sketch, Samurai warrior. About 45 minutes.


Chris Chien said...

Hi Chris! Really love your artwork. I just got back from the TEA Summit yesterday - and saw a lot of your work during the Disney presentation. I wish I could see a lot more of your stuff online! - but it seems like anything Disney related is kept secret and is hard to find, except on various blogs here and there.

I'm a theme park artist as well - and I just started working freelance last year. I hope to meet you in person one day!

Chris said...

Thanks Chris! Yeah, I keep all the work stuff off my blog just so no heads explode. 90% of my work stuff is development, so it's confidential. I do have some finished art sneaking into the parks occasionally, for Mystic Manor and another attraction that shall be nameless for now. Hope your park work goes well!

Chris Chien said...

Yeah - it's a pity the public can't see more of your artwork! I occasionally see some of your stuff in an imagineering book or at Disneyland. Oh well.. Hope to work with you one day!

- Christopher