Friday, August 12, 2011

Practice, practice, practice!

Just for fun, I collect old studio shots of actors and actresses to do practice paintings. It's a good challenge to try to get the likeness as well as keep it kind of loose and fresh when working from a photo. The old studio portraits had such great lighting, it helps hone those skills. Remember, kids, NO TRACING!


CCG Coordinator said...

These look like a lot fun to work from! And the photography from back then was much easier to reference from! Do you have any online source for these old studio shots that you can recommend?
Kindly, J. Gilpin

Chris said...

The great lighting makes it so much easier to get the form right.You can buy old promo head shots at local book/movie memorabilia shops here in Hollywood for pennies. They are pretty easy to find in an average Google search too,and as with a lot of photography some are still copyright protected. I just use them to practice from, not to sell.