Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Winged Warrior

Here's another new one. I thought about a retro/Steampunk styled Aerial Combat suit. The wings are backpack powered and she can steer using the "blades" on her helmet and wrists. Just 'cause it's cool.


Chad said...

The lighting and pose here reminds me of a Leyendecker approach, really nice like so much of your other work. Well done.BTW have you ever done any comics work? I'm sure your talents would fit perfectly in that industry.

CCG Coordinator said...

Hi Chris,

Fun piece of art here! Any insights as to how you created it? Do you have any tutorials or movies of your working process? I assume this is Photoshop? Do you use a flat hard round brush? What opacity? Is your original sketch digital or do you scan that in?

Kind regards,


Chris said...

Chad, thanks a lot. I'm a big Leyendecker fan, saw a show of his originals in town last year at one of the colleges and it was fantastic.I hope to be that good someday!

J, yeah, photoshop is my default these days, I'd like to learn something like Painter with more textural stuff. I like a particular brush in one of the appended brush lists that has ragged edges, it keeps me from getting too tight. I paint at about 50% opacity and build it up, so it feels like painting in acrylic or markers that I'm used to.Sometimes I sketch in pencil and scan it in and sometomes I just wing it.I don't usually use any reference, I like making the whole thing up out of my head,that can help or hurt sometimes, good practice though.